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Where to Find Moving Boxes in London

You can get anything in London, but boxes for moving are sometimes hard to come by. Once upon a time you could wander into any supermarket and cart away enough boxes to take care of all your moving needs. These days, a lot of supermarkets have restrictions on what you can and can’t take away, boxes are crushed and dealt with before you have a chance to make use of them. But there are still ways to make sure you have all you need for your move; here are some tips to find boxes for your move in the capital. Firstly, think about your needs. If you have a lot of small things you are going to need a lot of small boxes. If you have to move a lot of appliances you're going to need a lot of big boxes. Try and make a list of what you think you are going to need. It's better to have slightly too much than not quite enough, so err on the side of caution. Bear in mind that, in a pinch, some things such as clothes linen etc. can be transported in plastic bags; that is if the transport you have arranged is secure enough to not chuck things about or rip the plastic.  One place to look is on the high street. Many high street shops stock boxes for moving if you ask for them, others some stock boxes specifically for removal that you can buy for this purpose. If you're feeling adventurous, you can look behind any given high street shop and see if any boxes have been left lying around discarded. This can obviously carry its own risks, sanitation etc, so be careful. Similarly, some supermarkets still have boxes that can be made useful for a move. The boxes bananas are transported in are some of the best examples, if they can be taped together, they can be used as a decent, all-purpose moving container. A negative point to this, as well as your possessions smelling faintly of banana, if that most have a hole in the bottom that things can fall out of, so all in all not entirely ideal if you want to make sure you arrive at your destination with everything you set off with. Another place to consider are removals companies and self storage companies. These companies provide speciality boxes for removals, and while you will have to purchase them, the boxes are far more durable and fit for purpose. Boxes of all shapes and sizes are available, including wardrobe boxes to allow you to unpack your clothes uncreased. They also sell things that are essential to moving that may have slipped your mind, such as industrial brown tape to make sure none of those boxes fall apart, bubble-wrap to wrap you valuable or delicate possessions and cellophane wrap.Increasingly these days, some businesses offer 'eco-boxes' or plastic crates and bing that are rented for the duration of a move and then returned. While you don't get the bonus of keeping these packaging materials for any future use, or to pass on to friends and family, the fact that they're made of plastic does offer some additional durability and less chance of failure. These companies have a strong presence on the internet (by virtue of being new) so have a look for them and see if they could be any use. Packing materials are such a key part of any move, and it is very important to make sure you get the right ones. I hope this advice helps you locate what you are looking for in the capital.