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About Scotland

We have been operating from our London base for a decade now, and what started out as a modest family run business has expanded to take on the largest removals companies in the UK. By never losing site of our core values we have grown from a company who specialised in the niche market of helping people relocate families and businesses to Scotland, to the answer to all of your moving prayers either in London itself or abroad.

We had one goal when we started out, which was to get rid of the idea that moving has to be stressful, because with simple planning, attention to detail and by following the simple concept of accountability to our customers the truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

We wanted to tackle stress in two main areas. First of all, the financial aspects of moving. The simple fact is that moving house is a costly undertaking, and it hasn’t been helped over the years by the reputation of the removals trade in general, of the quote bearing no resemblance to the final payment. So we determined to alter this. A thorough quote and completely transparent price were the only things we wanted. As a result, we developed our unique removals assessment, which accurately calculates what volume of van space you need and the size of team it is both necessary and practical to have on site, so that you are neither left short or find yourself paying for people or space that you aren’t using. In addition, there are no hidden fees, no mysterious incremental increases, the price you are quoted is the price you pay. It was so simple we couldn’t believe nobody else had thought of it, but it was one of the things our customers really appreciated, so our free quote has remained an unchanged part of our policy since day 1.

When it came to service we knew that the real responsibility for this lay with our staff. While we have invested heavily in modern vans, regular servicing and the toughest security systems, what really matters at a time when you are under the emotional pump is that the people around you are sensitive to your circumstances. As a result, we make it clear at interview that before we look at the ability of people with regards to the mechanics of the job, we are far more interested in how they conduct themselves. “Respect” is a word which informs everything we do, whether it is for you and your family - knowing when you need your space and when you need reassurance - or respect for your possessions to ensure that everything gets from A to B in pristine condition, without it we would have nothing. That is why we are so proud of all of our staff and the great testimonials they continue to receive, even as we take on ever more demanding projects.

After a few years we asked for customer feedback on what we could improve. While everyone was delighted with the moving service, a lot of people said it was a shame that we didn’t offer a wider range of services as optional extras, because they were so happy with our service that they didn’t want to shop elsewhere and have to deal with different people and different bills. So whether you need cleaning, packing or storage services, we are proud to offer them with the same free quote and attention to detail.

Whether you are after one of our signature moves north of the border, or something a little closer to home, you can count on Removal Scotland to see you right. If you want to get your first taste of our customer service, you can call our call centre team on 020 8746 9620 or surf this website for further details.