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Packing And Moving Wall Hangings Safely And Securely

One of the features of a great many homes is the art on the walls. Many people are keen to decorate their places with once things, and wall art and mirrors are a great way to do this. When it comes to a removal, it is often easy to overlook the prevalence of wall art in the home, simply because the hangings don’t take up a lot of room, but when it comes to moving them, there is a certain amount of care that needs to be taken if you are going to get them safely packed and transferred. The main issue that you need to keep in consideration is the way in which they are handled, as there are certain ways in which these flat objects can be twisted that will warp them permanently, rendering them useless as they will not hang, and may well crack in the process of twisting. When you are packing mirrors and artwork, the most important thing is to ensure that the edges are protected in a way that means that the item can be rested on the floor without any damage being done to it. This basically revolves around using a layer of bubble wrap and a layer of card to ensure that the edges are both cushioned as well as protected against sharper intrusions. When you are placing these materials on the item, do not allow tape to get stuck to the actual surface of the mirror or the art, as this can leave seriously unsightly residue that is very difficult to remove sometimes. Instead, wrap the whole thing in newspaper before you put these protective edges on. Be careful that the ink does not rub against any porous surfaces if you are using actual newspaper, as it can stain quite badly. Lay a sheet of bubble wrap over the surface of mirrors, and lay a sheet of card, taped in place, over that. This should mean that the mirror or art work is safe to be packed into the van.When moving these sorts of items to the van, you need to ensure that the people lifting and moving them are well equipped to be moving things together. There must be a mutual understanding that the item should not be twisted at all, and that the object may be heavy, but it is also extremely delicate. Treating A heavy mirror with anything other than a cotton wool approach will result in cracking and potentially shattering, so be sure that you trust the people moving it! When it comes to loading such items in to the van, you need to store them upright, with the longest edge on the ground. It may seem like the wisest thing is to place them flat, to give them an even great centre of gravity, but this means that they are much more likely to get trodden or fallen on, and if the surface of the mirror or artwork is flat to the floor, it’s surface area for being landed on is much greater. Stack your wall hangings together in one area of the van, where they can be tightly held between two other sturdy items. Whilst this will mean that they are not able to move around and get broken, you must be sure that the two sides that they are between will not move and crush them when the van is swinging round a corner! This would be the end of all of your precious wall art!