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Top Reasons to Donate Your Unused Clothes and Toys before Moving

Pack everything, load it into the lorry, unload it, unpack it – moving comes with a lot of hassle and with a lot of stress as well. And yet, every single day millions of people from all over the world are moving house – either two blocks away or across larger distances. Planning things well ahead of time is the absolute, quintessential key to successful removals. However, a lot of people leave it to the last moment to deal with the huge number of things that have to do with removal and with moving away.Make sure you are not one of those people and start planning your house removals or office removals as soon as possible. This will help you keep yourself cool on the big day and it will also help you get through the entire process as smoothly as possible. Before you move though, you might want to stop by your local Red Cross centre or any other charitable institution because you will most likely gather a lot of things the less fortunate would be very happy about. Why would you donate things to charity before you move? Here are some of the most important reasons. •    You should start packing a couple of weeks before the date at which you have agreed with the movers to come. This will give you plenty of time to sort things out and to put away all those clothes and toys you and your children are not using anymore. These things can be donated to charity precisely because it is quite unlikely that you will ever use it again. In general, the rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used an item in more than 3 months, you will probably not use it in the future as well. No, you will most likely never wear that college pair of jeans anymore and no, your daughter will most likely never play with that Barbie now that she’s 17 – why not offer them to someone who will enjoy them if you don’t use them at all? •    Aside from the fact that you will get rid of a lot of things that were just lying around your house purposelessly, you will also get a chance to make someone happy. All those dolls and all those blouses will make someone less fortunate at least a bit happier – and this is a reason that is truly good enough to make you donate all these things. •    Furthermore, keep in mind that donating the things you don’t use any longer will also mean that you will have to pay less for the moving company. Most of the removals service providers out there charge either per weight or per volume – hence, the less things you have to move, the smaller the sum of money you will have to pay. •    You may have thought of organizing a yard sale, but how much money do you think you will make? If you know for sure that there will be plenty of buyers and that you have valuable items to sell, go ahead and do it. Otherwise though, the time invested in doing this may just not be worth it – and especially not when you are running out of time with your removals. •    You can donate almost everything you don’t want to carry at your new home – except for personal hygiene items, obviously. For instance, if you have a lot of food lying around the house and if you feel that it may spoil before it reaches its destination, pack it nicely and see if the Red Cross centre (or any other charitable institution) will not accept it. Food is always welcomed for the less fortunate so why throw all your food away when you can help someone?