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The Story about Cleaning Messy Closets

Messy closets are really an eye sore. To get rid of the eye sore, consider tidying up your closet for once, now that you are off to your new home. If the desire to clean up your wardrobe doesn't hit you more often, then find more reasons to organize your clothes, apparels, and accessories in your closet so that you will have the strong urge to unpack your boxes once you finally move in your new bedroom. New closet would mean new attitude toward being organized. To get you more acquainted about the strategies in clearing and cleaning your closet the right way, it wouldn't hurt to ponder on these simple reminders: 1.
  Every day, allot 1-2 hours of your time just cleaning your closet. Make this as your daily task until you complete the task. Don't try to finish everything at once, this tends to be tiring. 2.
  You need boxes to arrange and pack your things. Separate the items accordingly by labelling the box with titles like: "trash," "charity," "must-wear," "favourite wear," and others. 3.
  To make the packing more challenging, reward yourself after completing the achievement. Or you can have a garage sale and you can use the sales to buy new clothes. As you, cleaning messy closets is not really a dreadful case.