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Packing Boxes - Label or Lose Your Stuff

Moving is stressful, no matter who you are. Moving to a new home, maybe even a whole new city or country is definitely one of the easiest ways to create a feeling of confusion and chaos. It’s exactly this type of situation that makes it quite easy to lose your valued possessions too.Whether you’ve got hundreds of important trinkets that you would like to take with you to your new home or only a few essential pieces, there is one basic thing that you need to remember to do if you want to spare yourself from a world of misery: label your boxes! The more specifically you can label them- the better. If your house contains hundreds and hundreds of books and you end up putting them into 20 different boxes and just labelling them all by writing “books” on each box, then you won’t be doing yourself many favours or making your life any easier. Instead, narrow it down: “Encyclopaedias, historical books, fantasy books, detective fiction”, etc.You might feel a bit silly listing the full contents of your household on the outside of your boxes, but trust us on this – it will make your life dramatically more comfortable and straightforward. The simple fact is that if you have a lot of things stored in unmarked boxes then you should probably expect those things to stay in those boxes for a long time. Although we all do our best to get a good feel for our new home before we move in, we still never know exactly how everything will fit together until we’re standing there in an empty house having to think about exactly where each box of stuff fits. If every box is clearly labelled and lets you know exactly what’s in it  then you can start doing the calculations without even needing to unpack. Everything becomes much more organised and you cut the time you’d otherwise need to spend  on this task by getting it done in half the time. If every box is unmarked, you’re never going to know exactly where everything is, or what needs to go where, until you’ve unpacked all your belongings and laid them out before you. The whole thing becomes a chaotic nightmare and the odds are that once you’ve found enough of your things to get by with, you won’t even bother unpacking all the rest – you’ll just put them in a corner and drag the job out for weeks or in extreme circumstances, even just stick them in the garage or loft for years and forget that you own half of the items which you took the time to pack. But don’t think that you’re completely off the hook if you only have a few boxes of stuff to move either. Your job will definitely be easier and less of a pain in the neck, but you’re still setting yourself in to trouble if you don’t keep good track of what you’re moving across with you. I’ve met a lot of people who have completely lost the plot and have ended up finding out  only once they arrived at their new flat  that some of their most valuable possessions had been left behind or had somehow gone missing during the moving process. The point is that when everything is chaotic around you, you’ve got to compensate and balance it out. The way that you do that is by being incredibly organised and keeping completely on top of things. If you want your move to be a happy experience, then label your boxes. It sounds pretty simple but trust us – it definitely gets the job done no matter what.