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Innovative Ways To Pack Up Your Home

If you’ve been busy preparing for your house move then it’s likely you’ve put a lot of time and thought into how you’re going to pack up all of your belongings. The traditional way is to use plenty of cardboard boxes, but it can be easy for these to become misplaced or lost during the hassle and havoc of moving day. There are plenty of ways for you to move house without the use of cardboard boxes, so whether you’re concerned about the environment or if you’ve just not been able to get your hands on enough boxes for your needs, have a look at this helpful and handy guide to get your packing off to a great start.-    Packing your duvets, sheets, towels and soft furnishing in boxes can be a huge waste of space and resources. If you have a lot of soft items to take with you then why not try folding them up inside a large carrier bag or bin bag? This can save you a lot of time and effort! If you decide to use bags to carry your items then you can avoid confusion by labelling them with coloured string or coloured elastic bands. Your standard plain white labels might not stick as easily as you want to carrier bags, so designate a colour to each room of your home and use something of the same colour to seal your bags. This way you’ll be able to tell what need to go where without having to open everything! -    It might seem like a bit of an odd thing to use, but pillowcases and duvet covers make great bags for items that aren’t fragile. Try putting your winter coats or items that you don’t mind getting a little creased into your empty duvet covers for a quick and easy mode of carrying that doesn’t require any effort! -    Your kitchen and your bathroom are likely to be full of units and drawers that are full to the brim with bits and bobs. If you’ve thrown away everything you don’t want to keep then you can pack up these rooms quickly and easily by simply taking each drawer and sealing whatever is inside it with old sheets or strong tape. Then you can either lift the unit – if it’s not too heavy – or take each sealed drawer of things individually to their new home. This is a great way to save on the cost of packing materials! -    Another innovative tip to help you out when it comes to packing is to use small and soft items from around your home to pad out any boxes of fragile items. Towels, sheets and bedding can all be used to protect your crockery or electronic items during transit. This is a fantastic option for you and your family if you don’t want to stretch your budget to include packing materials! -    Everyone has plastic boxes around their home and whether you use them for under the bed storage or if they’re piled up inside your garage, plastic boxes are a stronger and safer alternative to cardboard boxes for your house move. Pack in any items that you think might need a bit of extra protection for the journey and make sure you seal each box well with packing tape to prevent it from falling open during transit!