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Buying your First Home and Moving from a Rented Property

You have finally taken the plunge and decided to buy your first home, congratulations! Now, what do you need to do?There are a few differences between renting accommodation and owning it so it is best to make sure you take a note of the things you need to do. MortgageIn order to buy a home you will need to secure a mortgage. Most mortgage lenders will require you to put down a deposit on your home and this will be a percentage of the total you want to borrow. You will need to work out your budget so you know how much you can safely afford to borrow. Find a HomeOnce you know you can get a mortgage and of how much you are then in a position to look for a new home. You will need to consider where you want to live, if it is a house or a flat you need and what amenities you require nearby. Speak to an estate agent who will be able to guide you through the process. NoticeWhen you have purchased a home and know when you are wanting to move in, the next thing you must do is give notice on your rented property. There will be a notice period stated in your contract so you must adhere to that and give your landlord appropriate warning. FurnitureDo you have enough furniture for your new home? If you have been renting a furnished property then you will need to buy the basics, at least, for your home. •    Bed•    Sofa•    Dining table and chairs•    TV•    Cutlery•    Plates and bowls•    Coffee tableIf you cannot afford to buy everything you need in one go then work out what you really need to get you settled in and then you can build on that each month. The BasicsWas there anything else at your rented property that you used but can’t or won’t be taking it with you? There will be the small but essential items that you will need to buy for your home. Cleaning products, brushes & mops, shelves, washing line and pegs, etc. InsuranceNow you own a home you will need to ensure it is insured properly. You will need building insurance to cover anything that may happen to the actual building itself, and you will also need contents insurance to cover all your belongings. If you have a garden this will include items like bikes, lawnmower, etc. that will be kept in a shed. Utility & Service ProvidersYou will need to contact the gas, electricity and water companies and let them know you will need their services and set up the appropriate accounts. You will also need to decide what type of service you want with regards to phone, television and broadband. As a new customer, many of the companies will offer very good incentives to get you on board. TV LicenceYou will need to register for a television licence. It is illegal to watch television without one and you can obtain one online or by filling in a form at the post office. Tell PeopleLet your employers, friends and relatives know where you are going to. You could make or buy cards that will tell people what your new address and phone number is.Good luck on your new adventure!